About the Health Data Portal Project

The Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW) Data Portal is a key stepping stone towards enhanced EDW information capability. The Data Portal provides capability that simplifies the exchange of data and reporting products with external stakeholders. Phase 1 of the Data Portal was released on 28 June 2016, providing a stand-alone file-sharing web site.

The Data Portal allows Health staff to share reports and data files with a public audience. In addition, the Data Portal encompasses a secure access controlled area which enables Health users to exchange data and other files with authenticated individuals in external organisations. It allows the publication and sharing of a range of file types (with the exception of executable files (.exe files) for security reasons). 

In simple terms, the Data Portal can be described using a post office analogy: while there is a public counter on which Health users can leave documents for everybody to see and pick up, there are also post office boxes available which are secure and only individuals with specific keys can place and access documents within those boxes.

What users can see and do within the secure area of the Data Portal depends on the users' access rights as determined by the Health data owners. To gain access to the secure area, non-Health users are required to go through a log-in process using standard Australian Government authentication such as AusKey or MyGov. Health users with access to the Data Portal are admitted based on their Health network credentials. Non-Health users can apply for access through a registration process and are given credentials once approved by Health.