About the Health Data Portal Project

The Data Portal is a key stepping stone towards enhanced information capability. The Data Portal provides capability that simplifies the exchange of data and reporting products with external stakeholders. Phase 1 of the Data Portal was released on 28 June 2016, providing a stand-alone file-sharing web site.

The Data Portal allows Health staff to exchange data and other files with authenticated individuals in external organisations. It allows the publication and sharing of a range of file types (with the exception of executable files (.exe files) for security reasons). 

In simple terms, the Data Portal can be described using a post office analogy: post office boxes are secure and only individuals with specific keys can place and access documents within those boxes.

What a user can see and do within the Data Portal depends on the user’s access rights as determined by the Health data owners. To gain access to the secure area, non-Health users are required to go through a log-in process using standard Australian Government authentications such as MyGovID. Health users with access to the Data Portal are admitted based on their Health network credentials. Non-Health users can apply for access through a registration process and are given credentials once approved by Health.